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Milk - Can Hamburgers and Custard has built a following since opening its first location in Muskegon last fall, but the concept has taken root in one booth - the site alone is scheduled to open next month in the former Milk Queen building on the city's north side. Co-owner Ryan Oschmann said the building itself has been home to various businesses since the 1970s, including a milk queen.

The food truck, which recently opened in downtown Muskegon on the corner of East Main Street and Hale Street, also sells breakfast sandwiches and Anodyne coffee. The mobile operation is also making the rounds on the eastern side of the city, with a location on West Michigan Avenue and East Michigan Street in the city center.

If all goes well, Oschmann says, the drive-through system in the new restaurant will open relatively quickly and operate from a renovated full dining room. He doesn't know when it will be safe to welcome guests to the restaurant, but he's open for business.

The menu also includes fried chicken sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich and grilled cheese and burgers. A range of frozen custard dishes will also be added, including a variety of frozen desserts such as ice cream and frozen yoghurt, as well as hot and cold drinks.

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The restaurant location will employ existing food truck staff if it is too cold to operate the mobile unit. When the plan comes to fruition, the milk in the can will use the existing outdoor area of the 22-seat restaurant, with a second courtyard planned as needed. This will support our ability to move in warmer weather and roll in colder weather, and support the expansion of our restaurant.

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Muskego has four fire stations, and Tess Corners Fire Rescue provides community services, including training, during emergency operations. Visit the website for more information or contact the station near you. Dr. Denny's, the Waukesha County Nutrition Center, is another location that offers meals under the Waukeha County Nutrition program.

Participants must be certified by the Aging and Disability Resource Center to use the program and must complete the application form that includes a fare determination form. A confidential donation of $4 is proposed, but no one is denied a meal because of their ability to donate. Residents can dial 1-888-743-5555 to receive information about the Waukesha County Food Program and other food programs.

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