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Five years ago this past June, I made my way to Haunchyville and wrote my first column for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a weekly column about music in Milwaukee. I have grown by leaps and bounds and my humble roots are forgotten, but I am still here, just not as much as I thought.

I feel honored to be a musical resource in the many communities I belong to, and it has been my mission for over 65 years to engage people of all ages, interests and backgrounds in music and music education. More than a music store - I believe that music makes the world a better place. My focus now is on what it has always been to give music to people of all ages, interests and backgrounds. I see music students, from those who take up an instrument for the first time, to those who refine their musical theory skills, to those who refine their skills.

I am here to help you do your best on and off stage, and I rely on you to provide everything you need to succeed in music. I am here to help you to be successful in your music.

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A strong commitment to music education is fundamental to our business, and we work hard to find instructors who are experts on all instruments. We take care of all the administrative work so you can do what you do best: inspire learning and create the next generation of musicians.

We are proud of the surrounding area and offer a nice atmosphere for those who enjoy water sports, as well as for those who are interested in music and music education.

Muskego High School's band program is currently in full swing, with over 300 students in grades nine and 12. If you're inspired by the talent you see at the Franklin Park Concerts, take private music lessons. The fact that local law enforcement agencies, clearly aligned with the Haunchyville tip, are ready to patrol the area and hand out quotes to anyone who wants to - sniffing - makes this trip even more attractive.

The youngest guests in the MHS band program included John Coltrane, John Cage and John Williams. Last school year, the Muskego Band commissioned a jazz composer for the first time, resulting in a collection of works by composers such as Frank Zappa, Giorgio Moroder, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Edgar Wright. Composers include: John Cusack, Giovanni D'Ambrosio, James Wright, George Gershwin, J.P. Morgan, Charles Mingus, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Dizzy Gillespie, David Foster Wallace and many others.

Matt has been teaching at Muskego High School since he began his musical education at the age of 12, starting with the guitar. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Wisconsin and his Master of Music from the VanderCook College of Music, where he is pursuing his Master of Music Education.

He studied at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and at the College of Music of Wisconsin State University in Madison with Dr. Robert Schiller, professor of instrumental music education and music director.

In 2007, the band and choir led 330 students to Orlando, Florida, where they had an estimated one million visitors - plus participants, including the Muskego High School Marching Band, which performed to an estimated 50,000 people. In 2010, James taught bands and orchestras at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the College of Music at Wisconsin State University, Madison, with his wife Jennifer and their two daughters Kaitlin and Emily. The Muskesgo High School brass ensemble performed at the US Air Force National Guard Air Force Base in Washington, D.C., and the National Air and Space Museum in New York City.

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More About Muskego