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Ghost restaurants, taverns and restaurants are icons in our community and therefore a popular destination for outgoing residents and visitors alike. Check out the list below to learn more about some of the best ghost restaurants, taverns and restaurants in Muskegon, Wisconsin. Whether you're enjoying dinner or a haunted house, be prepared for unexpected and unworldly company at dinner.

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This building dates back to the early 19th century and was once a blacksmith's shop, salon and guesthouse. Although this building is no longer the Cobble Stone Inn, it is rumored to have been persecuted and persecuted since at least the mid-19th century. This building dates back to the 1860s, but is still used as a hotel and restaurant.

Reports say that the sound of steps leading into the basement appears to be followed and that music is played upstairs when no one is there. There were reports of noises, steps and flashing lights coming from the building when it was closed, and the doors are known to lock themselves. It means that things move when you don't look, move in and out of space and say things.

In the basement, visitors heard the sound of "You have to get out of there," and in the basement, a barrel was seen moving. A cold spot was also noticed in the rear of the building, near the cellar entrance and in front of a large glass door.

Witnesses said they saw a figure in period clothing in a salon mirror. Witnesses reported hearing voices on stage, and the voices and noises were captured on audio recordings. Video showed lights, flashes, bullets and anomalies and witnesses saw a man in an old-fashioned suit in various parts of the building. Witnesses report seeing figures in period clothes in the salons and mirrors, as well as men in "old-fashioned suits" in various places around the saloon.

A young man was allegedly murdered in the attic in 1920, and his ghost was also seen. A young girl is said to have laughed inside and her spirit saw things being thrown from the roof by a disembodied hand.

Witnesses reported seeing apparitions wandering around the site, and witnesses reported seeing foggy figures being spotted where men were passing by. When the house closed, glass broke or fell out of the windows of the house and attic windows. Witnesses reported seeing a "hazy figure" on the roof where a man had died.

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