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I don't know if you noticed, but we have a pretty big lake very close by, and it's aptly called Long Lake. Moon Lake, known for its shape more like a human stomach, is a popular park and campground about an hour's drive from Milwaukee. Rock Lake is alternately called Tyranena, which is a great place to enjoy some local microbreweries while contemplating the surface of an 87-foot deep lake.

You can also fish bluefish, pike, whitefish and whale-eye on the pier, and rangers are available to help children drink. So you're probably more successful in a boat, but it also feels more relaxed. The tranquil Mauthe Lake is a great place to kayak or lounge in your canoe in the sun, which in turn seems like the perfect place for a picnic or a day trip to a local brewery.

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This luxury may mean that you don't have to drive inland to explore other beautiful waters in the area, but I doubt it for a second. Rock Lake, also known as Terror, has one of the most beautiful lakes in Muskegon County, and perhaps the best is that on a cold day when the frozen lake is breathtaking, you can stretch out a towel and walk to Big Foot Beach on the east shore.

Green Lake, which has its own district named after it, is actually the deepest, at a whopping 237 feet. The 277-hectare upper lake (pictured above) is the deepest of the two, with a maximum depth of 60 feet, but crystal clear Elkhart Lake is home to the pampered resort life I discuss and find here in this post. Lake Geneva is perhaps the deepest, and it is said to be the highest and lowest you can see when driving on I-94 near Madison.

You can be on a public path that surrounds the entire 8 square miles of pond with a maximum depth of 60 feet and a total depth of 4,000 feet.

The Associated Press also plans to name a team of players who will compete this season. Muskego running back and Lake Mills quarterback Adam Moen is also being considered as a candidate for the Wisconsin High School Football Player of the Year award.

All three teams will play in Edgar, a Division 6 school, but Edgar was picked when several Marawood Conference opponents couldn't play.

Sinz was named coach of the year by the Associated Press after leading Edgar through a rollercoaster season. The Wildcats went 9-0 and outscored opponents 398-41 as a team, and Sinz was described as the four or five best players he has ever coached. Wohler earned the First-Team All-State award from The Associated Press for the third straight year and was a finalist for the First-Team All-Marawood Conference and the Second Team State Honors for a second consecutive season.

His ability to diagnose games and cover a lot of territory was a huge factor for the Warriors, who allowed the second-fewest points in state history (38) in a single game. He scored twice, got one carry and returned the kickoff for a touchdown in the first half of the State Championship game against Fall Shortening, and finished his career with a career-high four catches for 52 yards and two touchdowns. The win over Bob Jones High School in St. Paul was the third-best scoring game in school history and the fourth-best game in program history. Wohler, a four-year backup, has a career record of 440-85 and is finishing his second season as head coach with Edgar.

He will join a recruiting class ranked 15th in the nation and the second best in the state's history. Some teams had to move their season to next spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic and others had to pull the plug after a few games. Edgar does what he always does with Sinz. He said after the season that he had seriously considered quitting after this season, but now plans to return next year when he hopes things will return to normal.

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